Hand wash your clothes

Hand wash your clothes

Save energy: hand wash and line dry!

So many people have grown so accustomed to using a washing machine to get their clothes clean that they have no idea how to wash their clothes without one.  Yet people all over the world have washed their clothes by hand for the longest amount of time prior to the invention of the washer.  Therefore, you can bet on the fact that it is possible for you to get your clothes smelling and looking fresh without the usage of the washing machine.

The washer makes it a breeze for you to do your laundry.  Unfortunately, it can be a big energy hog.  So if your goal is to use less energy, then you can try washing your clothes the old fashion way.

To get started, grab a clean bucket, and add laundry detergent to it.  I suggest that you go with the liquid instead of the powder detergent for this purpose.  Add water to the bucket—use the coldest temperature setting that can be used on the fabric that you are washing.  Once your soapy water is all ready to go, add in your dirty clothes. 

Use your hands to agitate the clothes using a kneading motion.  Then drain away all of the soapy liquid before using new water to rinse your clothes clean.  Once your clothes are all clear of soap, try your best to squeeze out as much water from your garments as possible.  Finally, hang all of your clean clothes to dry.  It is best if you can find a sunny spot to hang the clothes.