Reusable Produce Bags Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Reusable Produce Bags Help Reduce Plastic Waste

Kick the disposable bag habit with these colorful Kootsacs


There's no doubt that buying food in bulk greatly reduces both the cost and waste that accompanies traditionally-packaged goods. I buy all of my produce loose these days; it's cheaper, and the sight of a saran-wrapped crown of broccoli always frightened me to begin with. Lately, I've been purchasing more seeds, grains and beans in bulk, too.

But then I end up with piles of those awful filmy plastic bags that I mean to recycle for weeks while they sit rustling in my bakeware cupboard. They infect my kitchen like beached jellyfish. They're the worst. Sometimes, like if they've been holding mushrooms, they get too dirty to recycle and I have to throw them away, inevitably launching them into the sea where they'll ultimately ensnare and drown some baby sea turtles. I do not like to think of myself as a murderer of baby sea turtles. Therefore, I looked for a way to kick the bulk bag habit that supermarkets impose upon their customers.

Reusable jars or other solid containers might work in theory, but most stores aren't set up to subtract the weight of something heavier than a bag from your purchase. They need your food to be enclosed in something nearly weightless so they can charge you precisely. So what's an environmentally-conscious bulk grocery shopper to do? Pick up a few reusable food bags, of course. 

The minds behind Kootsac, an online store operated through Etsy, also saw the problem with disposable plastic bags. If you're going to be making sustainable grocery choices, you probably shouldn't punctuate them by throwing away wads of plastic every week. You're already bringing your cloth totes to cut down on plastic shopping bag use, so why not carry the same concept to the finish?

Kootsac sells reusable bulk food and produce bags. They're made of extra-thin fabric (nylon or silk, your choice), so they won't register on checkout scales. They're sturdier than those tearable plastic membranes, they come in bright colors and they're even machine-washable. There's pretty much nothing I don't like about this idea. If you're on the same boat, you can hop over to Kootsac's online storefront and take a gander at their wide array of products. Pick up a single bag or stock up on a batch of three. You won't have to worry about annoying swarms of plastic in your kitchen anymore and you'll also get the perk of standing out at your local grocery, you trend-setter, you.