Take action today

Take action today

Take a few moments this weekend to help save the world.

Every week I try to round up a few important actions to take to help improve our world. Will your clicks, your signatures, your donations really save the Earth itself? Well, no, probably not. But our collective action, which carries our voices and intent, can certainly help create shifts. And if we do nothing, we will definitely get zero results in return—so why not try and take action just in case? It only takes seconds.

Here are a few issues you might be interested in this week.

Protect National Wildlife Refuges

A new bill would stop the growth of the National Wildlife Refuges that we have, jeopardizing many animals and wildlife who need our protection now as well as any who might need it in the future. If you’d like to keep these refuges open to future growth, click here and say so.

Stop mountaintop removal

Send in a photo of yourself in solidarity with others who protest the mountaintop removal of the Appalachians. This action might take a minute or two, but a visual may have more impact.

Occupy Monsanto

Monsanto isn’t very far from where I live, so you can bet that my activist friends locally take action and spread the word about this company’s GMOs quite often. On September 16 and 17, an Occupy Monsanto protest will be occurring in St. Louis, which is where the company’s headquarters are. You can click here for more information. (This action may not be as quick and easy as the others I’ll be posting, but educating yourself about GMOs is.)

Help pass laws for equality

Click here to send a message to the governor of California and ask that six pieces of legislation that help further the rights and protect GLBT youth and families be fully supported and passed. There are three actions that you can take here. These actions are not only important for people living in California, but in setting a precedent across the nation for all other states to follow.

Speak out against hunger

Friday September 13 will be World Hunger Action Day, a perfect time to contact your member of Congress about any concerns you have about hunger and poverty in America. In fact, Feeding America is hosting a Postcard Action Day so you can send a message right from their website. Click here to find out more or to send a postcard in seconds.