A tornado in New York City?!

A tornado in New York City?!

Item from the Associated Press --"The National Weather Service is dispatching investigators to New York City to determine whether a tornado touched down during a fierce storm that tore through the city and left one person dead. "

A tornado in New York City?

"City officials described a path of destruction that hopped across New York Harbor from Staten Island and stretched uninterrupted for 14 miles from Park Slope in Brooklyn all the way through Queens to the Bayside neighborhood."

Again? A tornado in New York City?

John Murray, a weather service meteorologist, said; "one or two tornadoes drop down in the New York area every year. An EF-1 tornado, the second weakest on the six- step Enhanced Fujita scale, was confirmed in the Bronx in July. It cut a swath of damage about 100 yards wide and just more than a half-mile long, and injured seven, according to the weather service."

Really? And I thought tornadoes belonged in Kansas and Texas, not in an urban center like New York City.