Zoe Weil: How to Be a Solutionary

Zoe Weil: How to Be a Solutionary

Watch this inspiring video, then take action for a better world.

I am a huge fan of Zoe Weil, the visionary behind the Institute for Humane Education, the MOGO (Most Good, Least Harm) lifestyle, and the books featuring both. She works with both children and adults in helping them find not just ways they can help create a better world, but also how to find their calling in how to do so. Bettering our planet, Weil argues, isn’t a good enough goal alone; it must have the passion, the care, behind it. When you know what you love to do in the world, you know where you can start to improve it. Her latest TED talk, How to Be a Solutionary, is a must-see. It’s not long; check it out on YouTube.

If you feel inspired, start making your own plan to become a solutionary. If you need time, take action on these quick issues today and see if they trigger any issues or passions in your heart.

Save chimps from lab experiments: The National Institutes for Health just recommended that we stop using chimps in most governmental experiments. As awesome as this news is, they also decided that the government should hold onto several chimps “just in case.” Tell the NIH director that it’s time to stop experimenting on chimps.

Ask the president to make climate change a priority: After the dozens of extreme temperatures many of us faced last year, we are left calling more urgently for action on climate change than ever. Will President Obama come through? Call on him to move us forward in alternative energy and away from these disturbing climate trends.

Sign the Safe Harbor petition: The Polaris Project exists to help fight human trafficking and support survivors.  Many teen victims are caught soliciting sex during their captivity and instead of being rescued, they are charged with a crime. The latest campaign of the Polaris Project, the Safe Harbor petition, asks legislators to treat child survivors of sexual exploitation as victims rather than criminals. Be sure to add your signature if you’d like this legislation to pass.

You can easily take action on these issues right away, but maybe you will be inspired on your road toward becoming a solutionary. Will you make a poster or write a song about a cause that moves you? Maybe you’ll give a talk like Weil does, or host an interactive class with local teen activists. Share your solutionary ideas below or write your own post about your journey.