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Involving Your Kids in Green Choices

Even if you make eco-friendly or “green choices” at every turn, one of the biggest impacts that you can have on the environment is raising your children to follow in your footsteps. However, getting kids involved in anything they aren’t naturally drawn to can be difficult, to say the least. Read on to discover ways to involve your children in protecting their planet and its natural resources.

Put Them in Charge

There are countless things that your child has little to no control over, from where he or she lives to what they watch on television. A fantastic way to get kids involved in environmental choices is to make it their choice. Ask them to plan out healthy, organic meals that appeal to them, come up with ways to save electricity around the house, or setting up recycling bins in the garage. Then, make those ideas their responsibility. You’ll not only be taking something off your plate, but also be giving them some amount of control over the household, which can instill a desire to be greener as well as be more involved in the family.

Set Up Family Experiments

Most children learn by experience, and experiments can be a great way to teach younger kids about the dangers of Global Warming and the impact that humans have on the planet. This website, and many others, has fun and exciting experiments to explain everything from greenhouse gasses to how sunlight can be converted to electricity:

Go Outside

As you might have noticed, neighborhood streets in many areas are quite: kids just don’t seem to play outside anymore. Getting your kids out and about to enjoy the great outdoors can instill a subconscious desire to protect nature, making it easier to get them to recycle, take shorter showers, and make eco-conscious decisions in their adult life. Go for a hike, spend the weekend at your state park, or simply take a walk.

Getting your kids involved doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive, or even time consuming: just change your family’s priorities so your kids will willingly change theirs!