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Sandy hits my hometown

Cape May County gets slammed

As the weekend approached everyone in my hometown of Cape May County began to realize that Hurricane Sandy was sure to hit us. Voluntary and then mandatory evacuations were issued for the barrier islands (Wildwood, Cape May, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Sea Isle and Ocean City) as well as the bay areas that tend to flood.

Although I am considered to live on the mainland and could have remained in my home, I choose to relocate to my father's house for the duration of the storm. This is because I have a special needs child who cannot go without heat should the electric go out. My father has a wood stove so we'd still have heat if the power went out.
I tried to keep the packing light. We brought one bag filled with clothing, two bags of food, paper plates and bowls in case we didn't have water to do dishes, my daughter's medications, her diapers and wipes (she can't be potty trained), my older daughter's homeschooling curriculum, and our electronics with charges.

Before the storm even reached our area, the flooding began. It has been quite devastating. I am thankful for social media so that I can view what is happening on all of the islands that I love. It is heartbreaking, however. It wasn't long before my sister and her family had to come and join us at my father's (now filled with six adults, five children, one dog and one hermit crab). The picture that goes along with this article is of my sister's house. It began to flood. She lives along the bay side of town.

We have not lost electricity at my father's house. The winds and rain have been intense at times and we are currently getting the eye of the hurricane any minute. I believe the biggest issue will be all the damage from the floods. I won't be able to check on my home until tomorrow. I must admit that I am worried about my roof. Supporting two daughters by myself doesn't leave much money left over to get a new roof, and it isn't in the best shape right now.

So far I have seen pictures of my favorite restaurants with water half way up the buildings, a piece of the Atlantic City boardwalk collapsed and destroyed, and part of the White Horse Pike all buckled up. What I am most grateful for is that my friends and family members are all accounted for as of now. I can't wait for the hurricane to move on out by tomorrow so we can begin to assess the full damage and start to heal our hometown.