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Hurricane Sandy: Recovery efforts in full swing

Clean up begins at the Jersey Shore

Even before Obama made his visit to Atlantic City to survey the damage from Hurricane Sandy, Jersey shore residents began organizing groups to start the recovery process. I have been very amazed and excited to see how the members of this community have bonded together in an effort to restore our islands.

Social media has really helped in getting the word out where the most needs are and how to help. Volunteer groups are going in and cleaning up debris. Other groups are having food and clothing drives. Some are offering places for those without power to charge their electronics. No amount of help is too small. Our youth are getting together tomorrow to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for those who are left without homes, while our church food pantry is concentrating on stocking up with extra food for those who are in need.

Not only are people suffering because of a property loss, but many are still without power. Others are out of work until their places of employment can get cleaned up. This puts a financial burden on the family. Fortunately, countless groups are willing to help as soon as they hear of a need. So if you are one of the victims of Hurricane Sandy, make your need known. One Facebook group was asking for those who needed a yard clean up to post their address and they'd head over and clean.

FEMA has also set up shop in our local library and is ready to offer help. I know that with everyone pulling together so early that we will have our islands fixed up in record time. This is, of course, unless the nor'easter that is suppose to hit on Wednesday does a lot of damage. We at the Jersey shore are certainly keeping an eye on it!